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About The Designer

On January 1, 2003, Bill Cooper opened Meridian Design Studio. His dream of a service oriented design boutique was realized. While the housing market bourgeoned, Bill remained a highly focused small business. To date, he has designed everything from modest homes to dream estates in Beverly Hills, to places of worship where hundreds come every week. He is a true craftsman who brings a perspective that can only be taught through decades of experience as a carpenter, construction supervisor, community development professional, inspector, fine woodworking artisan, and the construction worker/devotee that has come to defined his career.

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A family estate in Beverly Hills CA with a view to live for...

A Spanish Revival Bungalow with a heritage designed for today.

An indescent proposal for a Luxury Waterfront Villa

Desertscape and view combined with luxury = Executive Retirement

Remodel can be a metaphor for "Exquisite".

More houses from the Meridian Studio "Idea Factory"

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